behind ruth & naomi

The story of Ruth in the Bible has always piqued my interest, and obviously so: I share the same name. But that aside, I was more drawn to her character–a loyal friend, of quiet disposition, and what some might call too meek or submissive, I admired as respectful, modest, mature, wise.

When it came time to conceptualize this space, I sought after depth and meaning–I didn’t want it to be simply another regurgitation of a girl’s fashion, photography, and lifestyle musings (though often it may be just that). For deeper inspiration, I revisited this story. Although the narrative’s romantic relationship is more often highlighted, I was moved by Ruth’s loyalty to and bond with her mother-in-law Naomi. Two women who, otherwise alone and estranged, clung to each other, trusted in God’s bigger plan, and created a life of meaning for themselves.

Along that vein, ruth & naomi is a personal blog-folio inspired by feminine spirit and strength, an introspective mood, and minimal aesthetic. It’s a creative space for raw expression of visual art and content. It’s a personal journal; a photo album; a travel log–all rooted in faith, hope, and love. It’s a place where I can say: I’m broken, but saved by grace, and forever grateful to be able to let my creativity ultimately magnify God and His glory.

// ruth kim


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