new year, new ventures

Happy 2016, world. The new year means new (and renewed) resolutions, so here I am finally fulfilling that one resolution I made in 2011 to start my own blog. Better late than never, right?

What deterred me from taking the dive and clicking “Create Blog” years ago was my inability to decide what I wanted to focus on through this site. Like many of us creative “slashies”, a term I first encountered here, I’ve struggled trying to discover my true passion (ugh, that worn out word).  Is it singing classical arias in competitions, or shooting analog photography, or spending hours on end in the kitchen achieving the perfect macaron feet?

When I was younger, my childhood dream was to become an author. I pored through books like my life depended on it and spent hours on a bulky old Dell desktop computer creating files and files of Word documents filled with all of the short stories my young imagination could muster. Of the books I’ve read at that age, I had a brief love affair with Francesca Lia Block’s novels, and I’m still and forever bonded  to the Harry Potter series.

My middle school years (yes, they were as awkward, shy, pimply, and marked by shiny metallic braces as many of you remember yours) saw my developing interest in music, namely singing. With my sister and brother showing the telltale signs of musicians- and artists-in-the-making, I also couldn’t help but want to follow in my older siblings’ footsteps. In eighth grade, I shadowed my sister in her voice lessons for the first time, and when the teacher asked me to sing, I remember how my nervous, undeveloped voice barely squeaked out Phantom of the Opera’s “Think of Me” à la Emmy Rossum’s rendition. It was adorable in the most pitiful way, but I could hit the notes, and later I actually matured into a pretty good singer. I can thank my dad’s musical genes for that.

High school consisted mostly of choir rehearsals and competitions all over the world (Seattle, Vancouver, NY, Louisiana, France, Hawaii, etc.), so it should have seemed natural for me to pursue music, but I ultimately studied comparative literature at USC. What is comparative literature? Reading and comparing literatures (written, oral, and visual) from various countries and nations, and learning a thing or two about stories and perspective. It was a great major for a bookworm like myself, and I cherish the education I received, but it didn’t lend itself very well towards a tangible job right out of college.

So here I am, a slashie stuck in post-undergrad limbo. I’ve worked for KoreAm and Audrey magazine, served as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant, tutored English and edited college essays at a tutoring center, and currently, I’m working part-time as a creative marketing associate in the social media realm. I wondered if I should cater this blog towards fashion, since I do enjoy posting the occasional #ootd, but I ultimately decided that I didn’t care enough about the latest and greatest brands and collections; and plus, my wardrobe is populated by only three or four different brands, so I wouldn’t be very interesting on that end.

With all of that said, I still haven’t arrived at a conclusion for this site’s theme. But if you’re into a little bit of everything–fashion/lifestyle/food/photography/travel–I can guarantee many more rants and aesthetic eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

// ruth kim


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