swayed by glossier: unboxing and review

Oh, Glossier. You had me at Pantone pink shades, minimalist designs, and perfectly casted #girlcrush-worthy models.

Truthfully, I debated this purchase for over a year, which is highly unlike me when it comes to shopping. I’m an impulse buyer (currently in rehab), so it was an impressive feat, especially in light of my love-at-first-sight experience with Glossier.


Obviously, my hard-fought abstinence ultimately was in vain. I ended up pulling the trigger on the Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint, Stretch Concealer, Generation G Lipstick in Leo, and Haloscope in Quartz (for my sister).

Un-boxing my first Glossier purchase did not disappoint. There’s something about receiving a package in the mail, and gliding your scissors through the buttery clear tape holding the contents inside together. It’s an important first impression, and when companies go the extra mile to create an Instagram-worthy un-boxing experience–well, it definitely has a soft spot in my heart (and my wallet). I love me some great marketing.


For a week or so, I strictly used the moisturizer, skin tint, and concealer together for my face makeup to gauge how the Glossier formulas worked on my skin.


Let’s start with what the Priming Moisturizer promises: “Light and buildable moisture for a dewy, smooth canvas.” The cream is definitely lightweight, and it looks/feels great upon application. But I found that the dewy (almost tacky?) texture didn’t sit well with my face throughout the day. When I checked in with my skin mid-afternoon, it looked, for the lack of a better word, dirty (and this isn’t due to the skin tint or concealer, which I’ll get to in a minute–they look great on a different moisturized base). The priming moisturizer seemed to draw out my impurities, rather than blur and smooth them.


I’m not sure what the reason is; I think I heard one YouTube review say that the moisturizer isn’t great for oily-prone skin, which I definitely have in my t-zone. Maybe I had several bad skin days during its initial trial, but the Priming Moisturizer isn’t something that I’ve been reaching for as of late.

Up next: Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. I purchased both in the color Medium, and for my yellow-toned Asian skin that tends to tan easily, it’s a great match. The skin tint is exactly that: a tint for your skin, not a full-on foundation with heavy coverage. And one caveat: I think it’s suitable for people with little-to-no blemishes. Like the brand’s product description says, it won’t “erase any other evidence that you are, in fact, a real human being.”

I absolutely love the lightweight, dewy (in a good way) formula. It lets my pores breathe while giving enough coverage to even out my complexion for a healthy glow. Even on days when I don’t swipe on a bit of a highlighter, there’s a lit-from-within kind of sheen that I totally dig.

On areas that need a little bit more TLC, I dab on some Stretch Concealer. This is my absolute favorite from the Glossier haul. It’s super creamy and hydrating. I apply it on my cheeks (prone to redness), under my eyes, and on lightly hyper-pigmented spots from past acne. The finish is medium, buildable coverage, and the brightening formula doesn’t dry out or crease. If I would recommend one Glossier product, it would be this concealer, hands down.


I don’t have too much to say about the Haloscope, since it was a gift for my sister; but I did test out the product once (with her permission, of course). Although the sheen was beautiful, it had the same tacky consistency that I felt with the Priming Moisturizer. I’m guessing it’s this super-moist texture that delivers on Glossier’s promise of a dewy glow, but I’m not the biggest fan, at least for now. On the other hand, my sister loved it.


Last but not least: Generation G in color Leo. Initially, I didn’t rave about this lipstick. But for the past three weeks, it’s been the lip color I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis. Leo is a “warm cocoa brown,” the perfect neutral shade that beautifully enhances my natural lip color. It’s almost like the perfecting skin tint, but for my lips; it takes a few good swipes to build the color up, and the matte finish isn’t too heavy like your average lipstick’s coverage. And although I do like the lippie, I don’t know if I’d purchase it again at its price point.


Have you guys tried the Priming Moisturizer, skin tint, or other Glossier products? Let me know your experiences and what your favorites were–I’d love to hear your thoughts.


// ruth kim


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