the vibrant hues of colourpop cosmetics (shadows, pressed powders, lippie stix & brows)

The name says it all. ColourPop seriously delivers on its promise of vibrant swatches of color, achieved with only the lightest sweep of your finger or brush. Their shadows are creamy and blendable, their lippies pigmented and precise. Best of all? For the pretty awesome quality, their prices don’t break the bank, perfect for people like me who aren’t bothered to invest too much money in makeup–but still want quality products.

My ColourPop collection doesn’t cover the entire range that the brand has to offer, but here’s what I’ve tried and what I’ve loved so far.

First up: the Super Shock Shadows. My first experience with the brand was when I purchased the Jenn Im x ColourPop collaborative eyeshadow quad. I’m a guilty sucker for all things Jenn Im (gotta support my Korean sistas), and mixed with my love for excellent puns, I had to purchase the Jenn Ne Sais Quad palette.

My favorite color of the quad is Deux, a warm and velvety orange-brown that goes really well with my yellow/tan skin tone. I almost always reach for this one to blend into my fake crease. The close second is Quatre, a basic deep brown, essential for my everyday subtle smokey look. It’s rare when I use Trois just because it’s a pretty bright, brick-red color for my taste (I’m overall fairly neutral and muted when it comes to shadows), but nonetheless, the color itself is beautiful. Un is perfect for a touch of brightness in my inner corner.


A few of my favorites. Left column (top to bottom): Quatre, Deux, Trois. Right column (top to bottom): Truth, Central Perk, Lala

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Another six of the shadows I have come from the Mile High kit. In hindsight, I don’t know why I bought this palette because, 1) I am definitely not a sparkly shadow girl and 2) well, four out of six colors from this kit are sparkly shadows. But, alas, I fell victim to sale prices and my inner me (damn it, Kermit) whispering, yes, of course you need these insanely multi-colored metallic glitter eye shadows that you’ll never wear, so, here we are. Nevertheless, all of these shadows are gorgeous and highly pigmented, and if you’re into the glitz and glam, then they’re perfect for you. One of my favorite shadows, Mittens (which I forgot to photograph), actually comes from this kit and it’s a gorgeous, mauve plum brown. 

I promise, guys: I tried to swatch these on my hand. But a lack of a tripod plus a shaky, one-handed grip on my camera (not to mention my not-so-aesthetically-pleasing hand, veins and all) did not lend itself well for swatch photos.

Clockwise starting from the darkest shade: Bae, Bill, Nillionaire, So Quiche, Cricket

Next: on the lips. I have two Lippie Stix from ColourPop: Creature and Pillowtalk. The first was the brainchild of the Feral Creature x ColourPop collab, featuring a deep burgundy shade fitting for the blogger’s gothic persona. Although I’m far from the goth type, I’ve always loved a dark, bold lip–though nowadays, I usually don’t wear shades darker than a mauvey pink brown. Pillowtalk is up that alley, but with what ColourPop calls a “brown greige” twist. You can see the shades on my lip/skin tone below.

Left: Creature | Right: Pillowtalk

I haven’t had much face time (literally, heh) with this next product, because I’m waiting for summer to roll around. Reason being? The Topaz Pressed Powder Face Duo (another blogger collab? I’m seeing a pattern here) glows with extremely warm gold and bronze tones reminiscent of a sun-kissed tan. So, we’ll see how this one turns out when I get a little bit more sun in a few months. I will say though, I love the packaging of this duo–super sleek, minimalist, and with the addition of the mirror, perfect for on-the-go travel.

Lastly: brows. I got the color Dope Taupe in both the gel pomade and the pencil (hey, they were only, like, $5 each, okay?). I opted for the taupe shade because I had recently dyed my hair a light ashy brown/blonde. Unfortunately, Dope Taupe has slightly reddish undertones, nothing like the neutral grey-brown that I thought it would be. I’ll still use the products–and I like the pomade a bit more (as I did with the Anastasia Beverly Hills counterpart) because I find it easier to be more precise with a good angled brush.

Thanks for reading! Catch you in the next beauty review.

// ruth kim




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