pore care & peach fuzz: 2 useful beauty tools

Today, we’re talking pore care and the peach fuzz. So let’s tool up, and get started.

#1 | something to pore over

I’ve been using SKINMISO’s Comedo Remover (+ Pore Beauty Nose Pack) for a few months now, and it’s a game changer. If you’ve got an affinity for using blackhead and whitehead-removing pore strips (and then staring intently, simultaneously disgusted and satisfied, at the gross debris stuck to said strips), then you’ll get a kick out of using this stainless steel tool.

This double ended, dermatologist-approved tool is used to extract comedones (or a comedo, in singular form). A comedo is a clogged pore in which keratin buildup combines with oil to block the follicle; open comedones are blackheads, closed comedones are whiteheads, and neither are welcome to set up shop on the skin. Enter: the comedo remover.

I can only speak to this specific remover/nose pack duo, and my experience is this: it really works. While I won’t go into too much detail on the ingredients that are in the two nose masks and the pore essence for the sake of time, I definitely stand behind these products as an effective solution for prepping and opening up your pores and dislodging those stubborn comedones. One key ingredient in both the black and whitehead-removing mask (Step 1) and the pore-tightening and soothing strip (Step 2) is the astringent, antioxidant, and oil-reducing witch hazel, accompanied by a plethora of natural extracts from sage leaf, peppermint, juniperus fruit, mistletoe, lavender flower, aloe leaf, and more.

After Step 1, I noticed that the whiteheads on my nose appeared more “ripe”, if you will—-and I know, that sounds really gross, especially to tryptophobic people like me. In any case, once my nose was primed for extraction, using the comedo remover was a cinch. All you have to do is gently press the loop down and scrape (for lack of a better word) your nose and you’ll see the whitehead debris effortlessly unclog from your pores. After you’ve thoroughly de-gunked, apply the second nose mask, which tightens up your pores again. (I do have to note, though, that the Step 2 mask did sting a bit after extraction, so if you’ve got extra-sensitive skin, try this product with caution.) Finish off the entire process with a layer of the silky essence, a clear, dimethicone-based product that reminds me of a makeup primer like the Smashbox Photo Finish variety.

#2 | ‘stache it away

My favorite tool to use lately is this beauty by Tweezerman: the Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover.

When I was probably around seven to eight years old, I was playing around in my parent’s bathroom, where I accidentally and mistakenly sprayed my dad’s cologne directly onto my face. When my dad found out, he teased me endlessly (as dads do), warning me that I would grow a mustache because I had used a product designed for men. I remember immediately and completely believing him, and thereafter constantly examining that peach fuzz above my lip, fearful that I might one day wake up and find a thick patch of manly mustache hair nestled under my nose.

Of course, that never happened, and as I grew older, I realized that one of my dad’s best  traits is his persistent sense of humor. But, I did grow up feeling a little self-conscious about the hairs above my lip, possibly imagining them to be darker and thicker than they actually appeared. (And to be fair, I do have naturally black hair, so they were pretty noticeable.) So this tool came in clutch to keep the ‘stache at bay. The first time using it can be a little prickly, as the coiled springs essentially grab onto the hairs and yank them out. But once you’ve gotten into the groove of things—-and it’s very easy to get the hang of—-grooming the peach fuzz ain’t no thang.

Leave a comment down below on what you’re favorite beauty tool is; I’d love to know!

// ruth kim


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