When it came time to conceptualize this space a few years ago, I desperately sought after depth and meaning—I didn’t want it to be simply another regurgitation of a girl’s fashion, photography, and lifestyle musings (though often it may be just that, and that’s okay). For deeper inspiration, I revisited a book in the Bible that I felt a strong attachment to growing up as a Korean American Christian (and it’s not just because I share the same name). Although the narrative’s romantic relationship is more often highlighted and remembered, I was struck more by Ruth’s character—a true friend, of reserved but mature disposition—and her loyalty to and bond with the other woman in the story: her mother-in-law Naomi. Two women who, otherwise alone and estranged, clung to each other, trusted in a bigger plan, and created a life of meaning for themselves.

Along that vein, ruth & naomi is a personal blog-folio inspired by feminine spirit and solidarity, quiet strength, an introspective mood, and minimal aesthetic. To put simply, it’s a creative space. It’s a personal journal; a photo album; a beauty diary; a travel log. It’s a place where I can form my own identity as a second-generation Asian American woman, discover my own truths, and use my unique voice to, hopefully, inspire yours.


  1. Hi I’ve been reading about your SIBO struggles and this YouTube, Amelia Liana has been through the exact same situation as you. I recommend you to watch her recent video and it may help you! Best of luck

    1. Hi anon,

      Thanks so much for sharing this video. It felt like I was listening to my own story! It definitely resonated and I’m going to check out Kresser’s book. Thanks again!

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